What does Barbara Comstock’s overwhelming win say about Virginia Republicans?

Barbara Comstock 2

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Barbara Comstock’s overwhelming win Saturday in the 10th Congressional District’s Republican Firehouse Primary was the subject of Jennifer Rubin’s column today at the Washington Post as she discussed what it said about Virginia Republicans. She concluded, among other things, that they haven’t given up, turning out by the thousands on a gorgeous spring day, and they selected a candidate who could win against a Democrat in Northern Virginia.

A notable quote written by Ms. Rubin from former McDonnell administration communications director Tucker Martin noted of Comstock, “She’s exactly the kind of Republican candidate who can win in a District like the 10th. Elections are, ultimately, about candidates and Barbara is a great one who fits the District perfectly.”

Delegate Comstock proved once again that a positive campaign can still win even as supporters of her opponents went negative in the closing hours. Her decisive 54 percent win was impressive in a field of six candidates including well-known conservatives Howie Lind and Delegate Bob Marshall who came in second with 28 percent of the vote.

Ms. Rubin also addressed the popularity and growing momentum of the Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate campaign, comparing it favorably to the Comstock campaign. She ended her column with this:

The Comstock and Gillespie campaigns will show how far the Virginia GOP has rebounded from 2012 and 2013. If solid conservatives can evade unelectable primary opponents and run on bread-and butter-issues, then they and other GOP candidates may be able to pull the state back from its Democratic tilt. And in doing so, the two most visible Virginians in the 2014 election could provide a model to other Senate and presidential candidates for how mainstream Republicans can unify their own party and beat the Democrats.

One brick at a time….

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