Justin Higgins: ‘Controversies Compound in 2nd District Debacle’

GOP elephantBy Lynn Mitchell

The amount of disturbing news about irregularities in the 2nd Congressional District continues to grow with the latest post from Justin Higgins at JH Politics as he follows this unfolding story. He wrote yesterday about the College Republican who was refused by Chairman Gary Byler to participate because he had not received a paper notice of her appointment even though he acknowledged receiving an email notification. Justin expands on that aspect of the questionable conduct by Byler:

In addition, Virginia Beach Chairman Ken Longo read the email which was sent to Byler appointing the representative in front of the committee. My previous post had the full text of that email, but it becomes particularly more egregious now that I know that the email was read to the committee.

On top of that, Longo was removed from the meeting after making multiple points of order. Whether you agree with Longo or not, these points of order are privileged motions, and no Chair of a standing body under Robert’s Rules has the right to deny these points of order. They can respond to them, but they can’t simply silence their critics by force.

Incredibly, the injustice was compounded by the silence of those who should have stood up for the College Republican if not the rule of law:

All of this happened in front of multiple members of the committee as well as another sitting District Chairman (more on the silence of Chris Stearns later). The fact that so many have remained silent in the face of strange and illicit behavior is unacceptable.

This sounds very similar to what took place the past six years in Augusta County. Be sure to read Justin’s post for more details on Saturday’s convention.

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