Will marijuana, drug concerns sideline Nelson County’s 2014 Lockn’ Music Festival?

Lockn' Festival 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

My reaction this morning when reading the Buzz Kill headline in Cville, “ABC claims illegal drugs abounded at Lockn’ Music Festival,” held last year in Nelson County was, “Duh!”

The event was a four-day outdoor music festival attracting mostly young people who were looking for a weekend of free-spirited fun on 5,000 acres of land in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Undercover agents were patrolling and videotaping while looking for not only illegal drugs but alcohol abuses and other infractions of the law. One agent was quoted as saying, “It was everywhere.”

Nostalgia brings to mind the 1969 granddaddy of all outdoor music festivals, Woodstock, known by some as the grooviest music event in history … ” three days of peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Hearings are being held with testimony from ABC agents. With the scrutiny and alleged violations from 2013, one has to wonder if the festival will be allowed to return. If it’s the will of those in Nelson, let’s hope they bring Lockn’ back for 2014. Lighten up, Virginia….

Read Cville’s indepth article for more details.

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