Jennifer Rubin asks, ‘Why is Jeb Bush gaining momentum?’

People are noticing a difference in Jeb Bush lately, even in the way he has stopped hedging quite as much about his chances of running for president to the point that he has admitted “thinking about it.” Add to that the family’s public support and this week Condoleezza Rice joined in with her support.

Jennifer Rubin has picked up on it and writes in today’s Washington Post:

Something plainly has changed for Jeb Bush. The Tampa Bay Times has noticed the change. Alex Leary reports: “Two appearances last week in starkly different settings — a black-tie dinner Monday in Manhattan and a commencement address Saturday at the Christian college that bears this town’s name [Grove City, Pa.] — suggest that the former Florida governor is summoning the energy and exposing his strengths and weaknesses for a 2016 campaign.” He certainly is raising his profile and sharpening his message. (“Bush remains serious but undecided, according to close friends and advisers, but his conspicuously busy schedule increasingly resembles a pre-campaign, replete with informal outreach to donors and intimate talks with key religious leaders.”)
In a matter of months, Bush has gone from a “long shot” to “more likely than not” to run.

With the names that were out there, Jeb’s came to the top:

But there was Bush, with 100 percent name recognition and no reelection campaign to keep him busy back home. The more the buzz over Bush built, the more he began to take it seriously. And before you knew it, there were a whole lot of Republicans interested in a potential candidate who was interested enough to bolster his profile, reach out to factions of the party and enunciate a message.

Jeb also has the Bush alumni encouraging him. Still, there are a number of possible candidates who may throw their hats into the ring. Stay tuned….

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