Judge denies McDonnell request for dismissal and separate trials, his lawyers prepare defense against the highly questionable charges

By Lynn R. Mitchell

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Motions denied: A federal court judge today denied a motion by former Gov. Bob McDonnell to separate his trial from that of his wife, Maureen. He also refused to throw out corruption charges against the McDonnells. That means the joint trial will go on on July 28.

It’s sad to see that this witch hunt has been allow to progress so far. To help with the governor’s defense, go to The Restoration Fund to donate. You will be joining other high-profile names like former Massachusetts Governor and U.S. President candidate Mitt Romney who gave $10,000. Every little bit helps.

Also check out these articles about the federal government and its pursuit of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey. While ignoring the bungling of Benghazi where Americans actually died, DoJ pursues high-ranking Republicans:

10 Quick thoughts on U.S. v. McDonnell:

Chris Ashby, a very well respected DC area attorney, provides a great summation of the incredibly weak indictment filed by the federal government against Governor Bob McDonnell. If you care about due process and fairness under the law, take the time to read his excellent thoughts on this false indictment built upon a discredited witness. Politico: Ashby reacts to McDonnell indictment

– Wall Street Journal: Justice goes after the GOP

Harvey Silvergate, author of “Three Felonies A Day: How The Feds Target The Innocent”, penned a critical analysis in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal highlighting the political nature of Holder’s Justice Department.The Restoration Fund has long felt that the indictment of Bob McDonnell’s is in a long line of gross error, politicization and misjudgment by the Holder Justice Department.

“It’s a travesty, what’s happened to the Department of Justice.  It’s an actual  travesty.   It’s political malpractice at its worst.  I don’t think it’s coincidence that  Lady Justice has got a blindfold on………This Department of Justice is a  Department of Injustice.   People are really fed up with this administration and the way they politicize things.  I think DOJ is just the tip of the spear.”  – Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, quoted in the Daily Caller, November 22, 2013

Part 1 – What the government didn’t say in the McDonnell indictment: An Outside Audit Confirmed Star Scientific/Williams Received NOTHING of Value

The Government indictment against Governor McDonnell is long on sensationalism and short on facts or the law.

Part 2 – What the government didn’t say in the McDonnell indictment … is their case is build upon a questionable witness

The Government indictment against Governor McDonnell is long on sensationalism and short on facts or the law. Perhaps this is because the bulk of the case is built upon the claims from former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, a man with over three decades of legal and ethical problems.

As previously noted, an outside audit from a former Democratic Attorney General and a Washington Post FOIA request have already confirmed that Star Scientific nor Jonnie Williams received any tangible benefit.

But who is Jonnie Williams?

The case will move forward and will cost an exorbitant amount of money. Overreaching by DoJ? Stay tuned….

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