Steve Rossie, lobbyist and blogger

By Lynn R. Mitchell

I wanted to share this nice bio about my friend Steve Rossie who is lobbyist and blogger for the Family Foundation. It was written by Roger Pogge who is the Family Foundation’s grassroots director.

Meet Steve Rossie

If you enjoy The Family Foundation blogs, you can thank Steve Rossie.  Steve has been the administrator and primary writer for our blog since its inception in 2007.


I first met Steve in 2006.  I had just been hired to run the Marriage Amendment campaign for The Family Foundation and Steve was one of my first volunteers.  Being from the Tidewater area, it was a great help to have someone who was born and raised in Richmond on my team.  2006 was also the first year that Steve came on board as a lobbyist with us and he has been back every year since ensuring that the General Assembly legislators know where The Family Foundation stands on issues important to the families of Virginia.

Steve’s time as a lobbyist has had some interesting moments.  Once he was waiting for an elevator in the General Assembly building with a person who looked vaguely familiar.  It turns out it was Terry McAuliffe, who was in Richmond looking for support for his future run for governor.  After a brief introduction and as they chatted in the hall, Terry asked Steve what he did for a living.  When Steve told him he was a lobbyist for The Family Foundation, Terry got a perplexed look on his face and asked, “How are you guys doing? Are you getting cut, too?” referring to the budget cuts that were making their way through the General Assembly.  Obviously, Terry’s handlers had not briefed him on who The Family Foundation (for the record, The Family Foundation gets NO government money).  Click here for a link to that blog post.

“Challenging and rewarding,” is how Steve describes being a lobbyist.  It is like “running a marathon at full strength.”  He appreciates the relationships he has built with legislators from both sides of the aisle.

When Steve isn’t busy lobbying for The Family Foundation or working on a blog, he has many other interests that keep him busy.  An avid soccer fan, he plays for the River City Red Army and was a former coach.  His favorite American team is the New York Red Bulls.  When watching soccer from other countries, he always roots for the team with an American on it.

If you are out and about on a weekend in Richmond, you might run into Steve at one of the area’s many art galleries.  He particularly likes photographs, oils and mixed media and is “inspired and uplifted” by art.  He is also a big music buff and likes jazz, Americana music, bluegrass and “authentic” country music. 

History is also very important to Steve.  WWII, the American Revolution and aerospace are all topics that he likes to study.  During session, he never misses the NASA reception and always gets his picture taken with the astronauts that attend. 

A devoted Catholic, Steve is a member of St. Bridget Church in Richmond and also attends St. Benedict Church.  His faith informs his strongly held views on the sanctity of life, marriage and religious liberty.

If you appreciate Steve and all the good work he does at The Family Foundation, please leave a comment on The Family Foundation blog and let him know.  Alternatively, you can send him free food at 919 E. Main Street, Ste. 1110, Richmond, Virginia 23219 because as long as I have known Steve, I have never known him to turn down a free feeding!

Steve and I have crossed paths often during our years of writing in the Virginia conservative blogosphere. He always has a smile on his face and indulges my request for a photo at events like Bill Bolling’s Bloggers Day and Eric Cantor’s Republican Roundup. Many thanks for all Steve does in Virginia.

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