Bill Bolling in RTD: ‘Time to resolve the debate over Medicaid expansion’

???????????????????????????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

In a guest column printed in Saturday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch, former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling called for an end to the Medicaid expansion stand-off between the Governor and the General Assembly. Acknowledging that it’s a complicated issue that needs compromise from all sides, Bolling wrote:

First, the issues are very complex, and difficult for most people to fully understand. Read a primer on the intricacies of how coverage expansion would work and you’re likely to come away scratching your head.

Second, there are legitimate points that have been made by both sides in this debate. There is no right or wrong way to look at this issue. There are just differing ways, and both sides of the debate have offered reasonable arguments in support of their respective positions.

Bolling then provided five points that could help lay the groundwork to move forward in the divided political atmosphere in Richmond and concluded:

If our leaders can come to agreement on these five principles, I believe it is possible to resolve the prolonged debate over coverage expansion, finalize our work on the state budget, and move on.

The time for making points and picking fights is over. The time for working together to find common ground and resolve an issue of great importance to many Virginians has arrived. It will require leadership and compromise. I believe our elected officials can provide both, and I stand ready to help them in any way I can.

You can catch up with Bill Bolling as chairman of the Virginia Mainstream Project, an organization committed to promoting a more mainstream approach to politics and policy in Virginia. Contact him at

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