Culpeper supporter shares reasons to vote for Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor 8

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In the Culpeper Star Exponent newspaper, a letter to the editor was written by Hagazi Kebede of Culpeper supporting Congressman Eric Cantor for reelection in the 7th Congressional District primary on June 10….

David Brat is contesting for congress for the VA 7th district against the incumbent Eric Cantor.

Brat teaches Economics and Ethics at Randolph-Macon College and also served on the Joint Advisory Board of Economists for two democrat (he purposely leaves the word democrat from his vita) Governors. He correctly states that “our founders knew that good government required wise leaders with good character” on his website.

But he is also fully aware that in today’s politics one has to demonize his or her opponent to be successful. It’s sad that such has become the modus operandi of today’s politics.

His vicious misrepresentations of Eric Cantor’s record are not factual nor does he substantiate his allegations. He blames Eric for Obamacare even though Eric Cantor has been in the forefront to oppose Obamacare.

As a professor of economics and a teacher of ethics, one could entertain the economic and ethical ramifications of the current immigration issue but he flatly wants all illegal immigrants and their children to be deported and does not accept the “Republican Immigration Principles” that have been floating in congress.

Yet Dave Brat in his own words claims that he likes Eric as a human being and states, ”I’m commanded by God to do that and I do that.” His misquote of “love” seems to show how he perceives ethical fact for that is not what the commandment states. It’s love your neighbor and including the stranger (immigrant) among you. As the depth of his Christian ethics pronouncement is shallow and none existent so are his inflammatory remarks of the works of a common sense conservative, Eric Cantor.

As second in command in the US House of Congress and being a faithful rep for the 7th district of Virginia, Eric Cantor has been the premier supporter of republicans to be elected to State and Federal offices. Cantor is a principled man and probably the best critic of himself. His office has been very responsive to all his constituents regardless of gender, race or belief whenever approached on any issue.

An Ethiopian proverb says “The Sky is very near to the one who is sitting and doing nothing,” or as Cantor himself put it, “It is easy to sit in the rarefied environs of academia, in the ivory towers of a college campus with no accountability and no consequence. When you throw stones, you throw stones at all of us who are working every day to make a difference.”  Yes, throwing stones are never constructive at all.

If in fact Dave Brat has become more conservative than the common sense conservative Eric Cantor, he can only be a libertarian and hence he cannot represent  majority of 7th District Virginian, or he is trying to live up to what his last name suggests? Truly, for such a person who has changed his political outlook, it’s very hard to comprehend where he stands. Consequently Brat does not earn my support, and I hope all register 7th District voters make a careful examination before June 10.

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