20 made-up lies about Eric Cantor … and the truth

Eric Cantor 8By Lynn R. Mitchell

Lies and rumors about Congressman Eric Cantor have been widely distributed by tea party candidate Dave Brat’s supporters. As we near the June 10 primary for the 7th Congressional District, it’s time to set the record straight. Here’s the truth from Brian Schoeneman in response to 20 lies about Eric Cantor that were posted in the Bearing Drift comments from a Dave Brat supporter (see Liberal professor David Brat pulls a two-face two-step by Brian Kirwin).

Lie #1: Eric Cantor made insider trading illegal for Americans, but exempted his family members.

The truth: Insider trading has been illegal for Americans since the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. When Cantor redrafted the Senate version of the STOCK Act, some provisions of the bill were moved around, included covering spouses. This was unintentional, and when it was discovered, Cantor worked with the Senate to close the loophole. The law doesn’t exempt spouses or kids now. (See http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/02/politics/stock-act-loophole/)

Lie #2: Eric Cantor as leader of the House has gone along with the democrat agenda.

The truth: No, Cantor has taken the lead in opposing the Democratic Party’s agenda. He’s seen by Democrats as one of the biggest boogiemen in Congress. They don’t praise him for supporting their issues.

Lie #3: Eric Cantor is a progressive.

The truth: By no modern definition of the word is Eric Cantor a progressive.

Lie #4: Eric Cantor is setting the country up for bankruptcy, or inflation, or printed money you will have to carry in wheelbarrows.

The truth: No, like every other Republican, he’s been fighting to reduce deficits and cut spending. Read Bob Woodward’s “The Price of Politics” and you’ll see Cantor fighting Obama on the debt ceiling harder than anybody else.

Lie #5: Eric Cantor does not live by the 1 of the 10 commandments, that you don’t bear false witness against your neighbor.

The truth: Really? Neither are you. This list is full of false witnesses.

Lie #6: Eric Cantor will not have a town hall for his constituents.

The truth: In the modern era, it’s not hard to get in contact with your Congressman. Phone, text, email, twitter, regular mail, office visits, fundraisers, conventions, political committee meetings – these are all available to talk to Cantor. That he doesn’t want to subject himself to the kind of nonsense many town halls turn into nowadays isn’t a bad thing, assuming that what you’re accusing him of is even true.

Lie #7: Eric Cantor represents American Chemical Society better than he represents me.

The truth: He represents his constituents, whether you agree with him or not. That his views may be similar to any outside interest group doesn’t mean he represents them. Unless he’s working for them, he’s not representing them.

Lie #8: Eric Cantor has enriched himself using insider trading, crony capitalism, or both.

The truth: Cantor was an attorney in the real estate business before going to Congress. His wife makes far more than he does, and his net worth is far below that of most of his colleagues. There’s no evidence he’s made a dime through insider trading and he can’t make money through crony capitalism.

Lie #9: Eric Cantor used corrupt slating to try to keep control of the republican organizations in the state and disenfranchise republican voters.

The truth: Slating isn’t corrupt – it’s part of the convention process, and has been used plenty of times prior to the YG attempts, most of which failed. No Republican voter was disenfranchised unless you believe that anybody who files to be a convention delegate has a right to be a convention delegate, which turns the entire concept of conventions on its head. If you don’t want parliamentary tricks being used, support primaries.

Lie #10: Eric Cantor could have been a leader in the house for a national marriage amendment, but he didn’t. (we had the senate and president during this time.)

The truth: We did not have a supermajority in the Senate of 60+ votes, which is what we would have needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster on the bill, which would have been inevitable, nor did we have the 2/3rd votes needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment in both Houses.

Lie #11: Eric Cantor could have been a defender of the unborn by passing a national right to life amendment, but he didn’t. (we had the senate and president during this time.).

The truth: We did not have a supermajority in the Senate of 60+ votes, which is what we would have needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster on the bill, which would have been inevitable, nor did we have the 2/3rd votes needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment in both Houses.

Lie #12: Eric Cantor wants to lower the wages of working Americans by importing low wage workers to under cut the middle class workers, and lower wages for everyone.

The truth: No, he doesn’t. Support for immigration reform does not assume the importation of low wage workers. Most legal immigrant workers are not doing low wage jobs.

Lie #13: Eric Cantor sees expanding government as a good thing.

The truth: No, he doesn’t. No Republican does.

Lie #14: Eric Cantor is for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The truth: No, he isn’t, and this has been discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere. [I will add that a little research by those pushing this and other untruths would be refreshing.]

Lie #15: Eric Cantor believes that he is an elite who is entitled to his position.

The truth: The concept of “elite” depends on your perspective, but I have never seen anything to indicate that he thinks he’s entitled to his position. If he felt that way, he wouldn’t be campaigning as hard as he is now.

Lie #16: Eric Cantor might become Speaker of the House.

The truth: How is that a bad thing?

Lie #17: Eric Cantor is not really a conservative.

The truth: You already said this in #3 and you were wrong then.

Lie #18: Eric Cantor is a lawyer and David Brat is not.

The truth: Really? Nobody likes lawyers until they need one. That Cantor is a lawyer and Brat is not is a negative to Brat.

Lie #19: David Brat is a real conservative.

The truth: Brat has never had to govern and put his beliefs into practice.

Lie #20: David Brat has an economic plan.

The truth: So did Stalin. Having a plan and being able to implement it are two very different things.

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4 thoughts on “20 made-up lies about Eric Cantor … and the truth

  1. Nice paid shill for the RINO Cantor, eh?

  2. Bill Doran says:

    The Republican Party of Virginia has always supported the Tea Party until it turns on one of its own. When questioned why The Republican Party of Virginia supports these Tea Party candidates (Cuccinelli and Jackson for example) one Virginia Republican Politician put it this way, “please know that anyone running for the R would be foolish not to attend at least a couple of Tea Party events/meetings for two reason. One: many TP meetings have quite a few reasonable conservatives in the audience. A great way to again, gain people for whom you would be second if not first choice. Two: Not going runs the risk of drawing their very public ire.” I agree Eric Cantor should be the candidate over an extreme Tea Party Candidate, I just hope the RPV continues to fight against the Tea Party candidates and not go back to supporting them to them past this Primary.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Not a political comment, but “made up” lies? As opposed to for real lies?

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