25 years later … remembering the Tiananmen Square massacre

Chinese flagBy Lynn R. Mitchell

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since the Tiananmen Square massacre. For those of us old enough to remember, the image of a lone pro-democracy protester defiantly standing up to Chinese Army tanks in Tiananmen Square is seared into our brains. PBS has an informative timeline of that event that led to the massacre of hundreds of Chinese citizens (see PBS timeline).

Photos fromĀ Associated Press photographer Jeff Widener at The Daily Mail are a stark reminder of an event that was headline news in 1989 (see Tiananmen Square ‘Tank Man’ photographer shares forgotten negatives from bloody government crackdown on 25th anniversary).

The Atlantic has a first-person account from a young American exchange teacher living in Beijing at the time (see Springtime in Tiananmen Square by Kate Phillips). It’s a long read but worth the time. If you don’t have time for it all, be sure to read the first and last paragraphs of the piece.

The New York Times has more from a 2009 article (see Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tiananmen Square).

June 5, 1989. It’s now twenty-five years later. Has much changed?

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