LTE: ‘Cantor is principled and experienced’

Eric Cantor 8

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The letters keep rolling in to newspapers in support of Congressman Eric Cantor including this one that appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Thursday urging 7th Congressional District Republicans to vote for Cantor in the June 10 primary:

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I am a strong supporter of Rep. Eric Cantor and his re-election to Virginia’s 7th District seat in the House of Representatives. Cantor has served the constituents of the district admirably, with distinction and success. He is a principled fiscal and social conservative and has been diligent in his efforts to rein in wasteful spending and potential tax increases, provide tax relief for small businesses and ensure that America is less dependent on foreign oil, with the result of reducing the price of fuel for our vehicles.

When the legislative effort was going on in Congress in January 2010 to pass Obamacare, Cantor was able, through his leadership, to garner the House members in solid opposition. Not one Republican in that body voted for the act.

I have met Cantor’s primary opponent and found him to be very personable and quite intelligent. He is well-intentioned to serve this district in some capacity but with his lack of legislative experience, he is ill-suited for the role here.

There have been reports in the media that Speaker of the House John Boehner might not commit to a new two-year term in this position. If that is the case, Cantor could be on the cusp of ascending to that highly important post. Do we really want to sacrifice that possibility in exchange for a freshman congressman who would likely be relegated to the rear of the House chamber? Think about it.

I consider myself a staunch conservative, and I plan to vote for Cantor on June 10.

John LeRoy

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