Live-blogging RPV Convention in Roanoke

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Look who stopped by the table. While votes were being counted, we had the opportunity to thank Ed Gillespie and his wife Cathy, and wish them luck. A short time later he became the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.

9:00 a.m. We’re set up at the media table beside Justin Higgins at JHPolitics and in front of John Fredericks. Both are broadcasting live from the floor. photographers Kurt Michael and Alex Davis are working with me in Roanoke.

9:30: Internet connection issues already … pulled out the air card.

9:40: People are filing in to the convention center. Lower level is filling faster than the upper nose-bleed seats …

9:50: Senator Ralph Smith is addressing the delegates who are seated and milling around on the floor.

10:00: Pat Mullins called the convention to order.

10:05: Pat Mullins has pounded the gavel about 100 times during his five minutes of talking … delegates are milling around and talking. Pound … pound … pound.

10:30: Business of the meeting is going on…

??????????Looks like a political convention!

??????????Kurt and Mike

??????????Delegate Greg Habeeb

10:55: An injury … a lady fell on the steep steps of the convention center. Rescue squad is here….

Kay Coles James is speaking to the arena….  Amazingly, the crowd has quieted down to listen to her…

So far stopping by our table … Lt. Governor John Hager, RPV Vice Chair Mike Thomas, Rockbridge Chair Roger Jarrell …

Trixie Averill, Davis and Kate Rennolds, Mike Reynold, RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney, Jason Kenney, 6th District Chair Wendell Walker, 6th District Vice Chair Chaz Evans Haywood, Senator Steve Martin, Hanover Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek…

Delegate Steve Landes, Maryellen Goodlatte, blogger Rick Sincere, former CR Jarred Ray, Facebooker Phil Witry….

If you’re here, stop by and say hello.

11:10: Reportedly 2,300 delegates have registered (out of 5,000 who were voted in a delegates as mass meetings around the state).

Stopping by the table … Delegate Greg Habeeb, Dr. Judi Lynch….

11:20: Ronald Reagan remembrance film is rolling….

11:30: Pete Snyder is now speaking. Lots of Shak yellow shirts … saw a Shak supproter packing.

??????????Carey and Aaron



??????????Roger Jarrell, chairman of Rockbridge-Lexington GOP Committee.

??????????Angela Kelly-Wiecek, Hanover County supervisor.

??????????Blogger Rick Sincere

??????????Congressman Bob Gooodlatee (R-6th) during the national anthem.

??????????RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney working the floor.

??????????John Fredericks

?????????? Justin Higgins (JHPolitics) and Jason Kenney.


Totals for delegates who have shown up so far today: 2,657

Augusta County: 32 showed up out of 56

Staunton City: 6 showed up out of 12

Fairfax County: 367 out of 691

Waynesboro: 9 out of 14

12:00: Governor Jim Gilmore is now addressing the crowd. Ken Cuccinelli was on before that.

??????????Political reporter Jeff Schapiro with the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He is always a good sport about letting me get a photo whenever we cross paths.

??????????Congressman Bob Goodlatte talks with E.W. Jackson.

??????????Maryellen Goodlatte

??????????Judi and Maryellen




??????????Gillespie volunteer talking with Dean Welty of the Famly Forum in Harrisonburg.

??????????Former Lieutenant Governor John Hager and RPV Vice Chairman Mike Thomas, two of my favorites. Many thanks for all the work they do for the Republican Party of Virginia.

??????????Justin Higgins (JHPolitics) talks live on air with Jason Kenney.

??????????Kurt Michael, John Hager, Mike Thomas



??????????State Senator Steve Martin

??????????Friend Barb from Augusta County.

12:25: Nominees are now addressing the crowd. Chuck Moss is first. Adorable … he was introduced by his  young niece and nephew.


??????????Barb and Alex

??????????Chaz, Kurt, Alex

??????????Davis and Kate

12:45: E.W. Jackson is introducing Shak Hill. Huge roar from the crowd as Shak Hill walks on stage. Yellow signs waving.

12:55: Tony LaTora is now speaking.

1:10: Ed Gillespie is being introduced and the hall has erupted in applause  and yells of support.

Film for Ed is being shown….

Mark Obenshain is introducing Ed Gillespie….

And now Ed Gillespie has taken the stage … Virginians can believe in Ed Gillespie! Cheers, applause, signs….

“I will stand up for our coal miners in Virginia!” — Ed Gillespie to huge applause and cheers

Ed Gillespie has concluded his remarks and voting is about to begin. Here we go….

1:35 p.m. I just cast my vote for Ed Gillespie. Go, Ed!

3rd District: 165 Shak, 309 Gillespie
4th District: 366 Shak, 957 Gillespie
1st district: 491 Shak, 826 Gillespie
10th District: 322 Shak, 372 Gillespie
8th District: 40 Shak, 287 Gillespie
6th District: 551 Shak, 647 Gillespie
5th District: 651 Shak, 629 Gillespie

Word on the floor is that a concession speech from Shak Hill is forthcoming. Rumor? Just reporting what is circulating….

Here it comes…

Shak Hill just made a motion that Ed Gillespie be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate by acclamation.

Ed Gillespie is on the stage … the hall is going wild!

Ed Gillespie is the GOP candidate for the 2014 U.S. Senate race. Congratulations!

??????????Mark Peake (left)

??????????John Fredericks interviews E.W. Jackson.

??????????Ed Gillespie made his way throughout the arena meeting and greeting delegates. Here’s in the upper section.

??????????Ed Gillespie greeting delegates.

??????????Justin interviewing Shaun Kenney.

??????????Augusta County Supervisor Marshall Pattie

??????????Governor Jim Gilmore

??????????Justin (seated) and Lexy with Willie Deutsch

??????????Adam Tolbert, chairman of 9th Congressional District.

??????????Chuck and Matt in the stands. They spotted me pointing the camera in their direction.  🙂

??????????Delegate Kirk Cox and Chesterfield County Chairman Donald Williams.

??????????Delegate Ben Cline

??????????Flint Engleman interviewing Ben Cline.

??????????Blogger Jean Gannon with the Big Wand blog.


??????????Candidate Shak Hill

??????????6th District Chairman Wendell Walker

??????????Eugene Delgaudio





??????????State Senator Mark Obenshain



??????????Ed Gillespie addressed the convention prior to the vote.




??????????Dr. Ed Lynch

??????????Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-9th) waits to be interviewed by John Fredericks.

??????????Steve Albertson of the Bull Elephant blog and RPV Communications Director Garren Shipley.

??????????Julie and Lexy

??????????Delegate Rob Bell

??????????Matt Homer

??????????Daniel Webb

??????????Linwood heading back to Richmond.


Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell, Kurt Michael, Alex Davis


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