#5: Faces in the crowd at RPV State Convention 2014

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Dr. Kurt Michael and Mike Reynold


Matt Hall

??????????Carey and Aaron

??????????Julie Coggsdale and Lexy Rusnak

??????????Dr. Ed Lynch

??????????Chuck Slemp and Matt Wells

??????????Wendell Walker

??????????Shak Hill

??????????Mike Belefiski

??????????Adam Tolbert

??????????Mark Peake

??????????Davis and Kate Rennolds

??????????Barb Tillett

??????????Mike Thomas and Trixie Averill

??????????Dr. Judi Lynch and Maryellen Goodlatte

??????????Roger Jarrell

??????????David Ray and Shaun Kenney

??????????Tucker Davis

??????????Mike Wade

??????????Jarred Ray

??????????Daniel Webb

??????????Matt Homer

??????????Strategizing … John Scott, Zach Martin.

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#5: Faces in the crowd at convention
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#2: Media and bloggers at convention
#1: Ed Gillespie at convention

Photos by LynnRMitchell.com Media Team:
Kurt Michael, Alex Davis, Lynn R. Mitchell

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