Live-blogging with Eric Cantor’s campaign supporters

7:00 p.m. We’re in Richmond with Eric Cantor’s campaign workers and supporters waiting for election returns to come in from today’s primary.

7:20 The parking lot is filling and people are pouring into the hotel’s ballroom where a big screen is reporting returns and folks are munching on appetizers. Media is here including John Fredericks with his radio show.

7:30 Brian Kirwin is here from Blogging Drift … drove up from the beach. Also Jason Kenney, Peter Foster, Anna Lee, Fay Williamson, the Big Wand ladies Jean Gannon and Cathy from Powhatan….

7:45 Returns are coming in with 33% of precincts reporting.

8:10 It looks like Congressman Eric Cantor may lose this primary election. State Board of Elections is slow reporting numbers but Fox News, CNN, and other outlets are saying it’s over.

8:30 Congressman Cantor just addressed the crowd at the Westin and said the things we beli

8:40 A crowd showed up and in the confusion no one knew what was going on with the chanting but apparently they were pro-amnesty folks.

9:00 Everyone has left the ballroom, police showed up, and the crowd has dispersed including demonstrators. We’re still confused as to what that was all about.

9:54 We’re passing Charlottesville heading back to the Valley after the disappointing loss of Eric Cantor. I posted on my Facebook status:

Congressman Eric Cantor has lost to the tea party in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia. He addressed the room at the Westin Hotel in Richmond in front of hundreds of supporters and volunteers from today’s election. Sadly, politics in Virginia has taken a bad turn for those who believe in pragmatic, reasonable government. Congratulations to Dave Brat on his win … now to see what he does with it.

As we’re driving along in the dark Virginia night, many thoughts are going through my head so I just posted another status update on Facebook:

Eric Cantor for President! We’re on our way home to the Valley and I’m thinking about everything the Congressman has done for Virginia and America and what we could do to tap into such a leader. We could have the first Jewish Republican President of the United States!

Or even Vice President to someone like Jeb Bush. Something to think about.

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