Will the defeat of Eric Cantor help Hillary win Virginia?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Lowell over at Blue Virginia made an interesting observation in wake of Eric Cantor’s loss Tuesday night (see Winners and Losers: Virginia 2014 primaries edition):

1. Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic candidates, Nancy Pelosi: Eric Cantor’s defeat last night, to the extent it killed ANY hope for the Republican Party passing immigration reform (there goes the Latino vote!) or being in any way/shape/form a serious, sensible, governing party (there goes the independent and “moderate”/”swing” vote!), almost hands the White House and Congress in 2016 to Democrats on a silver platter. I mean, yeah, it’s scary to see one of two major political parties in America go completely insane, but on the bright side, my party – the Democratic Party – should by all rights be the beneficiary, big time. As one of my NOVA Democratic political friends put it to me, “Long-term, immigration reform will be radioactive for Republicans, pushing them even further to the right just as Hispanic voters are burgeoning in number. What Pete Wilson did in California, Brat may have done nationally — handing the Hispanic vote to the Democrats for a generation. (Much like the defeat of two Delegates by tea partiers in primaries last year made Medicaid expansion out of the question in the House this year)”

We shall see if he is right are true and how immigration or the lack thereof affects the Republican Party. What do you think?

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