Benghazi deja vu? Americans refused permission to leave Iraq as dangers rise? UPDATED

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Has the Obama administration refused to give permission for Americans to leave Iraq as militant al-Qaeda forces approach Baghdad? Word is coming from friends in D.C. this afternoon that Americans are in danger and the two Generals have asked the State Department for permission to evacuate.

They have been refused.  That is the word from someone with a family member over there.

Over 2,000 Americans are in danger. The Washington Post is reporting that conditions are becoming more and more dangerous (see Iraq disintegrates as insurgents advance; Kurds seize Kirkuk):

Iraq was on the brink of disintegration Thursday as al-Qaeda-inspired fighters swept through northern Iraq toward Baghdad and Kurdish soldiers seized the city of Kirkuk without a fight.

Lawmakers gathered at the Iraqi parliament to discuss the declaration of a state of emergency, a day after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki assured Iraqis that the insurgents’ gains were temporary and would soon be reversed by the Iraqi army.

But after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured fresh territory and set its sights on Baghdad, Iraq seemed to be fast slipping out of government control.

Will this become another Benghazi? Will a video be blamed if Americans are killed? Prayers for those who are in danger….

More on the break-down of conditions in Iraq:

– Fox News: ‘Taking a nap’: Obama team accused of underestimating Iraq unrest

– New York Times: U.S. said to rebuff Iraqi request to strike militants

UPDATED 4 pm ET: Fox News: Americans being evacuated from Iraqi air base



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