Mitt Romney’s influence growing in the GOP

By Lynn R. Mitchell

When former Massachusetts governor and U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney threw his support Thursday behind Arkansas U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton, many noted that it was just the latest in a string of endorsements during the 2014 election cycle from this common sense conservative leader.

Mike Van Fossen, a Romney supporter from North Carolina, noted:

“12 for 12 in endorsements isn’t bad! If he were a baseball player he would be on the all star team and maybe player of the year! As the great Jack Welch said, “Mitt Romney is the single best candidate that has run for President in the last 50 years!”

The country surely could have used Romney’s financial sense and even-keeled leadership in these tumultuous times.

In endorsing Cotton, Romney noted Cotton would be a much-needed check on the Obama administration (see Governor Mitt Romney endorses Tom Cotton for U.S. Senate):

“This November Arkansans have a chance to send a true leader to Washington in Tom Cotton. Tom has bravely served his country in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now he is ready to serve his country again in the US Senate to fight Obamacare, stop Washington’s runaway spending, and support policies that will create jobs for hardworking Arkansans. I am proud to support Tom Cotton for US Senate.”

Though quietly denying any desire to try a third run at president, Romney has lent his name to help build the GOP’s future leaders at a time when a void in leadership has caused problems nationwide for the  Republican Party.

The Detroit News wrote about the newly visible Romney (see Romney tries to re-emerge as force in GOP) and his quest to find those who will be the foundation for the future of the party:

Romney has quietly sought kingmaker status in the GOP’s fight for the Senate majority this fall and its quest to retake the White House in 2016. The effort at revival is fueling whispers about a third presidential run. But those closest to Romney suggest he’s more interested in shaping party politics by lending his name and record-breaking fundraising machine to what he considers the next generation of electable conservatives.

“I don’t think he’s ever been more popular than he is today,” said Spencer Zwick, who led a Romney campaign fundraising machine that raised more money than any Republican campaign in history.

Allies say Romney’s political brand has benefited from an ongoing leadership void in the Republican Party, “buyer’s remorse” from an electorate disappointed with President Barack Obama’s second term, and a positive response to a recent documentary film, “Mitt,” that shows his personal side.

Mitt Romney seems to have joined the ranks of elder statesman within the GOP. If he chose to run again as president, he would presumably have widespread support from those with buyers remorse after the 2012 election. Time will tell what this pragmatic, reasonable leader will do….

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