Photos #1 – Burgers with Bill … Bolling, Romney, Gillespie, McDonnell joined by 400 guests

??????????The 20th Annual “Burgers with Bill” was a highlight event Tuesday at Innsbrook on the western edges of Richmond with more than 400 friends and allies attending as guests of former Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and his wife Jean Ann. The Bollings continued the event this year as an appreciation dinner for those who have traveled the journey with them through 22 years of elected office. The LG was joined by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie and Governor Mitt Romney who was the GOP U.S. Presidential nominee in 2012 and remains extremely popular with Republicans nationwide. (See Burgers with Bill tonight … hottest ticket in UVA headlining Bill Bolling, Mitt Romney, Ed Gillespie.)

??????????“Mitt Romney. Go, Ed!”
Governor Romney signed the bus, a tradition with the Gillespie campaign at events throughout the Commonwealth. Others in the crowd signed, too, finding room among other familiar Republican signatures.

??????????Governor Mitt Romney and Dr. Kurt Michael. (More photos after the fold.)

??????????Alec Thomas and Mike Thomas — father and son. Mike is respected beyond compare, and his son has picked up his driving work-ethic. Alec is working on the Gillespie campaign while Mike continues his long-time work for the Republican Party as First Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

??????????I was hoping Governor Bob McDonnell would be at “Burgers with Bill” so it was wonderful to have an opportunity to talk with him. This very popular governor  was a rock star with the huge crowd, and a continuous stream of supporters took time to talk with, hug, and have photos taken with him as they offered words of encouragement. My respect for him includes his willingness to work for all Virginians in a bipartisan manner in the polarizing atmosphere that makes up today’s Virginia politics.

??????????Jean Ann Bolling, hostess of last night’s “Burgers with Bill.” She’s on my short list of favorite people in politics who are genuine and gracious especially in the toxic political atmosphere currently swamping Virginia. Many thanks to Jean Ann and Bill for the invitation to enjoy a fun-filled evening with Republican friends.

??????????Kurt Michael and Ed Gillespie.
Kurt is our political cartoonist here at and on Tuesday he pulled double duty helping with photography. Many thanks for his help … between the two of us we still didn’t get every photo.

??????????“Burgers with Bill” was a event sponsored by Bolling’s Virginia Mainstream Project.

??????????Chesterfield County Chairman Donald Williams with his wife Nancy and Hanover Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek.

??????????A group of movers-and-shakers including Caroline Supervisor Jeff Sili.

??????????I spy … Mike Thomas! Friend, ally, all-around good man who has been a pillar of the Republican Party of Virginia.

??????????Who says Republicans are all old? This group proves that to be wrong. Matt Homer (left), Ashley Myers (right).

??????????Hanover County Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek and Caroline Supervisor Jeff Sili.

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Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell and Kurt Michael
June 17, 2014

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