Morning coffee and watching local wildlife

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????Look who I found nibbling at my yellow coreopsis moonlight this morning. There were three fawns playing in the yard so I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures out the windows.

??????????(More photos after the fold.)


??????????This little guy climbed into my flower garden and then settled down for a nap under the mock orange bush.

??????????See him on the left under the bush? Those camouflage spots work well. The other two were exploring.

??????????The photo is blurry because I was shooting through the window but there he is under the bush.


??????????And then the three of them scampered across the front yard and into the back where one slipped through the picket fence (yes, through it) and curled up under the lilac bushes. He eventually joined his siblings as they romped across the back yard and eventually bounced into the woods. Delightful visitors on a summer morning….

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
June 25, 2014

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One thought on “Morning coffee and watching local wildlife

  1. […] who returned to check out my flower beds this afternoon. On Wednesday I posted photos (see Morning coffee and watching local wildlife) of these three as they spent the day lounging in my yard, napping, and nibbling flowers and grass. […]

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