2016 GOP Convention … Cleveland or Dallas?

ClevelandTwo down, two to go.

On Wednesday the Republican National Committee announced that the two finalists for the 2016 national convention are Cleveland, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas (see Dallas, Cleveland Finalists for GOP Convention). Knocked out of the running at this point were Denver and Kansas City.

Cleveland would be a good choice for a couple of reasons:

– Ohio is a swing state and having the convention there could energize the base.
– Ohio’s Republican governor John Kasich would be an excellent host.

Dallas, on the other hand:

– As a Texas resident pointed out, Dallas is extremely hot in the summer.
– Texas is already conservative so having the convention wouldn’t do much for shoring up votes.

I’ve attended two national conventions: 2000 in Philadelphia and 2008 in Saint Paul-Minneapolis. Both cities were friendly and welcoming so I’m sure wherever RNC chooses will work fine.

Psst. Cleveland.

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One thought on “2016 GOP Convention … Cleveland or Dallas?

  1. […] weeks ago I posted about this decision (see 2016 GOP Convention … Cleveland or Dallas?) and ended with, “Psst. […]

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