GOP 7th Congressional District donates $$ to help statewide candidates

GOP elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

After Wednesday night’s 7th Congressional District meeting, much misinformation has been circulating Virginia from those who disapproved of the actions taken by the majority of the committee.

The 7th under the leadership of former chairman Linwood Cobb, one of the most effective district chairmen in the state, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor was excellent at raising hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund Republican candidates throughout the 7th and the rest of the Commonwealth. They were a team that helped grow the party and held two of the largest Republican events in the state each year with the Republican Roundup that drew thousands of attendees, and Eric Cantor’s annual breakfast that had 1,700 attending in 2014.

A source who lives outside the 7th commented Thursday that she had received misleading emails concerning the actions. No one outside the 7th has a right to decide what they do with their money so sending random emails seems more an attempt to stir up trouble.

Here’s a breakdown of the financial donations:

Fact #1:  The Republican National Committee was donated $150,000 to help it fund Victory in Virginia.

Fact #2: The maximum allowable contribution by law was donated to GOP candidates Ed Gillespie (U.S. Senate) and David Brat (U.S. Congress).

Fact #3: The National Republican Congressional Committee was given $150,000 to be used to help fund all congressional races in Virginia including the nominee from the 7th District.

Fact #4: State Senate candidate Ben Chafin’s campaign received $25,000 to help with his special election in the Southwestern part of Virginia.

Fact #5: Almost $14,000 was donated to RPV for data development, something that other units or congressional district have not done.

Fact #6: With $85,000 still in the bank, the 7th Congressional District still has more money than any other congressional district in Virginia.

The 7th Congressional District was known throughout the Commonwealth for its events that were organized and run by dozens of committed and hard-working volunteers. New leadership will now have $85,000 in the bank as seed money and can begin its own fundraising efforts by donating the time, energy, and talent required by something of that magnitude.

For more, check out Justin Higgins’s post on the meeting.

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3 thoughts on “GOP 7th Congressional District donates $$ to help statewide candidates

  1. Thanks for getting it right Lynn Mitchell. I was at that meeting and can confirm all 5 facts listed in your article. Saying these funds are going to DC is misleading and pot-stirring.

  2. spotsyhoya says:

    Exactly how is it misleading? Multiple times, the committee members asked if there was any commitment at all, at all, by the national groups to spend that cash on VA. They were told that no such commitment exists. If there is such a commitment, let them say so- let’s have everyone on the same page here.

    • I think the post makes it perfectly clear. I don’t know what part you don’t understand but I do know we’ve already had this discussion (extended) on Facebook.

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