Breakdown of how Fred Gruber wanted to spend 7th Congressional District money

VA 7 DistrictBy Lynn R. Mitchell

As misinformation continues to circulate concerning the 7th Congressional District Committee’s disbursement of funds, perhaps it’s a good idea to look at it — again — and see what Gruber wanted to do with those funds and why the committee, with years of Republican volunteerism and leadership under its belt, voted to donate the money in more productive ways.

The correct information has been provided in many locations but there are those who are pushing their own narratives to cover personal agendas so here it is again, this time more in depth.

When the call for the June 7th District meeting went out, “budget” was on the agenda but no budget was provided pre-meeting by Gruber. The following information is provided from the Virginia GOP Now newsletter:

Instead of presenting a budget plan in advance to members of the committee – even after receiving requests for a copy (it was, after all, listed in the call for the meeting that was sent to members) – Gruber handed out his “secret” budget after calling on a member to present it. It was clear to everyone in the room that maybe one or two members at most had been made privy to Gruber’s spending plan.

Once we obtained a copy of the proposal, we could see why the members of the 7th District Committee did not react well to it.

Gruber proposed to spend almost a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS alone hiring a staff for the 7th District Committee. For just 4 months.  There was no money for any offices, no job description for anyone hired, and no plan presented for managing his staff.

The salary proposed by Gruber for field staff for a congressional district was more than field staffers make for statewide campaigns.

Yes, the Gruber plan called for a contract salary of $3,500 per month for each individual, along with $3,000 per month – per individual – for travel and meal expenses. Plus, there was another $2,000 per month, per individual, for their telephone and Internet expenses.

The Gruber budget continued:

There was also another $60,000 allotted for direct mail and paid telephone calls, including robocalls.

Members of the committee immediately noticed something curious in the Gruber budget:

Wait.   Wait.   Something is missing.  What could it be?  You guessed it.   There is NO MONEY FOR DAVE BRAT OR ED GILLESPIE IN GRUBER’S BUDGET.

Not. One. Penny. This proposal was so bad that only two people spoke in favor of it and four members thought it needed major changes before they could vote for it.

Fortunately for Dave Brat and Ed Gillespie, the 7th District has a history of leading. When it became clear that something was amiss (because of Gruber’s refusal to provide members with a copy of his budget in advance), other members stood tall and drafted a budget that would actually support Republican candidates.

The proposal adopted by 2/3 of the members of the committee put the MAXIMUM CASH CONTRIBUTION ALLOWED BY LAW INTO THE CAMPAIGNS OF DAVE BRAT AND ED GILLESPIE.   Not only that, in keeping with tradition, the proposal also makes the maximum contribution to every Republican congressional candidate in Virginia.  

There is a contribution to RPV. There is a major contribution to fund the Virginia Victory campaign that is being overseen by RNC this year. (The opening a 7th District Victory office has already been announced.) There was a major contribution to the National Republican Congressional Committee. This organization will be providing significant help to Dave Brat and our other open seat/challenger nominees.

There is a $25,000 contribution to Ben Chafin’s campaign in Southwest Virginia to win a Senate seat that will give Republicans an outright majority in both the State Senate and House of Delegates for the first time since 2003 (we do want to keep Gov. McAuliffe from expanding Medicaid, don’t we?)

BUT, THERE’S MORE! They haven’t told you that even after all of these significant contributions to elect Republicans in Virginia in 2014, the 7th District Committee WILL STILL HAVE $85,000 LEFT IN THE BANK. Is there another GOP District Committee in Virginia that wouldn’t want to have $85,000 in their account to help elect Ed Gillespie and their congressional candidate this year?

The District Committee voted to instruct Fred Gruber to meet with the Brat and Gillespie campaigns and come up with a plan to use these funds as they think best.

Now, remember – the Gruber Budget gave Dave Brat and Ed Gillespie ZERO.  NOTHING.   Not a penny.

But, it would have established a 12 person staff for Fred Gruber and the 7th District Committee.   $8,500 a month in pay, stipends and expenses.

Who would have benefited?   Who was promised a job? Follow the money.

There should be no more misinformation about how the money is being spent especially the continuous comments about it “going out of state.” Untrue. All money will benefit Virginia candidates. This is the Republican “establishment” rallying around candidates and doing what they always do: raise the money for candidates and spend the money on candidates.

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7 thoughts on “Breakdown of how Fred Gruber wanted to spend 7th Congressional District money

  1. Lovettsville Lady says:

    Why are we filtering Virginia’s money through the RNC? Why not simply give it to the Victory Office or RPV? The RNC has already allocated money to Virginia so there was no reason for us to send 7th district money to them. Why not give it RPV?

    There will much more coming out about the many lies and errors in this false ‘budget’.

    • Jeanine Martin aka Lovettsville Lady, you have just fed more misinformation which is exactly what I’m talking about in the post. How about reporting facts instead of trying to read people’s minds?

      • peacekeeper says:

        I copied a link to this over on BE. I hope they do not delete it. There is always two sides to a story. Thanks for the info.

  2. “The following information is provided from the Virginia GOP Now newsletter:”

    Who is “Virginia GOP Now?” I can’t find anything on them, despite googling.

    • spotsyhoya says:

      That’s because it’s a shadowy group of establishment hacks who don’t want their real names associated with the vicious lies they tell. Though apparently Lynn is willing to pick up that banner.

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