Jim Gilmore: ‘Gilmore Commission’ chairman still standing up to terrorism

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Govenor Jim Gilmore’s experience in terrorism goes back decades. He chaired a U.S. Congressional advisory panel known as the “Gilmore Commission” (officially known as the U.S. Congressional Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities Involving Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction). The national panel, established to assess federal, state, and local government responses to terrorism, was influential in the development of the Office of Homeland Security. In 1999 and again in 2000, the Gilmore Commission warned that America was facing terrorism attacks which, indeed, took place on September 11, 2001. After 9/11, Congress adopted 146 of the Gilmore Commission’s 164 recommendations.

That is why I have truly appreciated the leadership of Governor Gilmore throughout the years. Army intelligence specialist, prosecutor, state attorney general, 68th Governor of Virginia. Chairman of the Gilmore Commission. Impressive. And that is why he is a knowledgeable professional to speak about issues such as foreign policy and acts of terrorism.

On Monday, Governor Gilmore joined NewsmaxTV’s Midpoint to weigh in on President Obama’s foreign policy toward Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Hamas as well as America’s lack of leadership on the global stage.

Speaking with moderator Ed Berliner, Gilmore said:

The people of Ukraine have a right to territorial integrity and to self-determination. As Russia continues its aggression toward the people of Ukraine, economic sanctions are vital, but the United States ought to place blame for the destabilization of Eastern Ukraine exactly where it belongs, with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza, Gilmore said:

No sovereign nation (Israel) should be suffering this kind of attack. The Israeli’s would not be eliminating Hamas’ tunnels if they were not under rocket attacks from militants in Gaza. America must send a clear message that we are committed to the nation of Israel, and we must make it clear to the Arab community that they must respect the right for Israel to exist.

The United Nations could play a constructive role in this conflict. There needs to be a long-term settlement that is good for the Palestinian people, makes peace with the Arab world, and allows Israel to exist and to flourish.


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