Dear RNC, could you be kinder and gentler with $$ requests?

GOP elephantBy Lynn R. Mitchell

I’ve got to admit that the subject line of the email from RNC that landed in my email box this morning was a bit shocking.  “Lynn, did you abandon the RNC?” it read.

Actually, I got no further than that. I found it a bit in-your-face and not the usual mild request. But perhaps that was its purpose — to get your attention — when you normally pass over the multiple emails that come asking for money, volunteers, support, whatever.

Click. I deleted it and moved on.

This afternoon I noticed on Facebook that several Young Republicans were discussing that email, and they weren’t any too happy with the tone. Even Justin Higgins at JH Politics had written a post on it so I went to my trash file and retrieved the offensive email and, this time, opened it.

Ah. It was like the this-is-your-last-notice mail you receive when not renewing magazine subscriptions or ordering from a catalog. It read:


Did you abandon the Republican Party?

Chairman Priebus has written to you already this year asking you to contribute to the RNC and renew your membership. But we haven’t received your financial support yet this year.

Your past support has shown us that you believe in the Republican Party and the conservative principles we stand for. That’s why we still believe you haven’t given up on the Republican Party yet.

So we are giving you one more chance to renew your membership with the Republican National Committee.

Right now you are handing the advantage over to Democrats. That’s exactly what President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want you to do. With committed Republicans like you sitting out in 2014, the Democrats are able to continue their liberal rampage on conservative principles.

2014 is our last chance to step in, step up, and take back the Senate to regain Republican control in Washington. Don’t turn your back on the Republican Party now.

Renew your membership with the Republican National Committee now and support our fight to defeat liberal Democrats.


Tony Parker
RNC Treasurer

Well, now. That wasn’t pretty. But as I said earlier, perhaps it was the shock value they were going after. I’ll just return the email to my trash file, consider it an underwhelming attempt by RNC to rally their supporters, and let it go. We’re all entitled to a mistake or two. Perhaps RNC will make sure to trash this template and find something more positive for the future.

Update: Jason Kenney has written a rational, well-reasoned response to his own letter received from RNC (see Email fundraising and the fine art of shaming at Bearing Drift).

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One thought on “Dear RNC, could you be kinder and gentler with $$ requests?

  1. Gillespie was more statesman-like, Warner more political. He slyly added questions about different subjects in his reply to previous questions, a typical Democrat technique of diversification. Fortunately, Gillespie was well prepared, and not at all dumfounded, and answered the unexpected questions unexpectedly and very effectively. It almost seems Gillespie had been given a copy of Warner’s playbook. I would like to have had Sarvis in that debate.

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