Governor McAuliffe ‘heartsick’ at Eric Cantor’s loss

Terry McAuliffe 2By Lynn R. Mitchell

“I’ll be the first to tell you I was devastated the night Eric Cantor lost. We lost the House majority leader. We’ve never had a speaker in Virginia history; I would love for Eric Cantor to have become speaker.” –Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA)

In an interview during Channel 4 NBC Washington’s “Ask the Governor,” Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe said in a nutshell what so many Republicans want: a leader who will work with those across the political aisle (see Virginia Gov. McAuliffe ‘heartsick’ over Eric Cantor’s primary loss).

Noting that Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA 7th) was very easy to work with, the governor said:

“My staff dealt with Eric Cantor’s staff all the time. I dealt with the congressman and leader Cantor all the time. They were nothing but helpful,” McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe said that Cantor’s defeat, coupled with the looming retirements of veteran House members Frank Wolf, R-Va., and Jim Moran, D-Va., represent a significant blow to the power of the state’s congressional delegation.

“I can tell you as governor, this isn’t a ‘D’ or ‘R.’ This is about how I compete — how do I compete against those other 49 states?” McAuliffe said.

There is such a thing as standing up for one’s principles. There’s another thing called leadership, and that requires working together to find a compromise that is as satisfactory as possible for both sides of the political aisle. That was Congressman Cantor. As extremists in both parties continue to push for their lock-step agendas, the more support they will lose from rational, pragmatic voters who understand that, just as in marriage, no one gets their own way all the time.

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2 thoughts on “Governor McAuliffe ‘heartsick’ at Eric Cantor’s loss

  1. Try reading the Bible, in a marriage both discuss what goes on but the ultimate decision is made by the HEAD of the household who just happens to think with with his head in a rational way not his heart which gets in the way of rational thinking. Read; Man of Steel and Velvet: A Christian Approach to the Vital Part the Man Plays in Marital and Family Harmony by Aubrey Andelin

  2. Mort Coleman says:

    One of the reasons he is no longer speaker is that the democrats found him so easy to work with. He did not do what was needed to shrink the governement largess, and he helped pick winners and losers in the private sector. He was bought and paid for by the corportate lobbies and he represented them much better than he represented the voters who pay taxes and elected him. We simply decided we needed someone in congress to speak to our vision of America and vote to help us succeed.

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