Mark Warner announces tour to begin today but no locations

??????????By Lynn R. Mitchell

There was something missing in U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s press release this morning announcing his “Fair Shot for All Virginians” tour that was for “highlighting his efforts to boost entrepreneurship, tourism and sound economic policies across the Commonwealth.”

Hmm … not much notice. I immediately scanned to find locations for this tour that was to begin today. Nothing.

So I’m scratching my head trying to remember if I’ve ever received an announcement of a tour to begin that same day that didn’t include any of the places to be visited. Maybe I’m missing something. I’m rereading … it has just the usual political year “I’ve done this-and-that” info. But nothing about where this tour will visit. Instead, it said to contact David Turner and provided email and phone contact info.

One more scan of the email — I must have missed something. Nope. Just that “today” will kick off the tour — I’m assuming that’s Friday, August 1 — and then it said, “Over five days” — which five days? The next five-in-a-row? One day a week over five weeks? Again, no explanation.

If I’m missing something about this, please let me know. I’m perplexed.

Entire context of the email:

August 1, 2014
CONTACT: David Turner, 213-840-1464

Senator Mark Warner Announces the Fair Shot for All Virginians Tour

ALEXANDRIA – Today U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner will kick off his Fair Shot for All Virginians Tour, highlighting his efforts to boost entrepreneurship, tourism and sound economic policies across the Commonwealth.

Over five days, Senator Warner will make stops throughout Virginia to discuss his work in the Senate to create jobs and grow the economy by advancing policies that encourage small business growth, address the student debt crisis and bring jobs back to Virginia, rather than sending them overseas.

As Governor, Mark Warner helped bring nearly 130,000 jobs to the Commonwealth and helped Virginia earn the designation as the nation’s best state for business and the best-managed state.

Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008, Senator Warner is widely viewed as a bipartisan consensus-builder. He has worked across the aisle to incentivize local companies to keep their jobs in Virginia, to create targeted tax incentives through the Startup Act 3.0 and to promote innovation through crowd funding and reducing unnecessary costs for small businesses.

Senator Warner continues to fight to protect jobs in Virginia, working with the Navy to maintain full funding for its 11-carrier fleet in Norfolk and reaffirming his support for the Export-Import Bank, an economic driver that has supported nearly 100 Virginia businesses and $1 billion in economic growth in Virginia since 2007.

Senator Warner will continue to reach across the aisle to ensure that the right polices are put in place to power our 21st century economy, creating more jobs and providing a fair shot for all Virginians.

For more information about the tour, please contact David Turner at or 213-840-1464.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell
July 26, 2014

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  1. […] I noted in an earlier post that a press release this morning announced an upcoming campaign tour by U.S. Senator Mark Warner but didn’t list a single location and was weak on details (see Mark Warner announces tour to begin today but no locations). […]

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