Jennifer Rubin: ‘Obama is no George W. Bush’

George W. Bush 33 AfricaBy Lynn R. Mitchell

I so enjoy Jennifer Rubin’s column in the Washington Post and her insightful, pragmatic observations in political matters that find me often on the same page politically with her.

Sunday in her “Distinguished pol of the week” column (see Distinguished pol of the week), she chose George W. Bush for his work in Africa, his genuine sincerity about the people of those countries and what the diseases they face, his humor, and his willingness to make himself the butt of a joke.

Classic George W. Bush.

Typically observant Jennifer Rubin.

George W. Bush 20 Africa
Rubin began her column noting the President’s humor:

Former president George W. Bush spoke at the Africa leaders summit this week. He was funny: “And if there are Members of Congress here, thank you for coming. If not, why not? (Laughter.)” He was self-deprecating: “The last two summers, we spent time in Kabwe and Livingstone, Zambia, helping refurbish and reopen health clinics. I was in charge of the painting. (Laughter.) She was in charge of going over the spots I missed. (Laughter.) She had a lot of work cut out for her. But in my defense, I was beginning to study the impressionist movement. (Laughter.)”

President Bush’s work in Africa has been widely acclaimed and I’ve written extensively about it:

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George W. Bush 32 Africa

George W. Bush 29 Africa Laura

George W. Bush 28 Africa

George W. Bush 25 Africa

George W. Bush 24 Africa

George W. Bush 23 Africa

Photos from July 2013 trip to Africa by President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

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