We’re live at the Augusta County mass meeting for South River supervisor candidate

By Lynn R. Mitchell

6:30: Folks are milling around for tonight’s Augusta County mass meeting to vote for a supervisor candidate from South River. A bit of drama developed over the weekend when Augusta County Republican Committee Chairman Dan Moxley and former chairman Bill Shirley held an eleventh hour executive meeting Saturday afternoon to form a nomination committee to “qualify” the two nominees.

After stacking the nomination committee with friendlies to the two chairs, they proceeded to disqualify sitting supervisor Carolyn Bragg who was appointed to the board in March after the death of Supervisor David Beyeler, and allowed their nominee, Tanya Gigliotti, to be unopposed.

Late Sunday night an announcement was put up on the ACRC Facebook page announcing tonight’s meeting had been cancelled.

Earlier today I wrote the following post:

Former Augusta County Chairman Bill Shirley and his hand-picked underling Dan Moxley have pulled a shady deal as was predicted by those who have been victims of their shenanigans in the past.

Late Sunday night they cancelled tonight’s planned mass meeting with this notice on their newly-formed Facebook page:


In accord with the Augusta County Republican Committee Bylaws, the Candidates and Nominating committee has presented the name of one qualified candidate to the Rules and Resolutions committee.  With only one certified candidate, the mass meeting is cancelled, and Tanya Gigliotti is the Republican nominee for the South River District Board of Supervisors seat.

Who is Tanya Gigliotti? And why has Carolyn Bragg, currently the sitting supervisor, been disqualified?

1. I suspect the nominee is a friend of Dan Moxley and/or Bill Shirley.

2. Despite the effort of Misters Moxley and Shirley, tonight’s mass meeting IS STILL ON.

All South River registered voters: Be at the Government Center at 6:30 tonight to vote for your candidate. This is why good conservative Republicans run as Independents in Augusta County.

No sightings yet of Bill Shirley or Dan Moxley but the Government Center is filling up with participants. You’ve got until 7:00 to arrive to register and vote. Any registered voters in the South River District of Augusta County are eligible, and the meeting is open to the public.

6:35: The partition in the supervisors meeting room has been opened for extra seating. Even with a messy, rainy evening we have a crowd.

Wendell Walker, chairman of the 6th Congressional District, has arrived.

LynnRMitchell.com is represented by videographer Kurt Michael and photographer-blogger myself. Supervisor David Karaffa, contributor to LRM.com, is also here. Bob Stuart, political reporter with the News Virginian, and Calvin Trice, political reporter with the Staunton News Leader, are both here. NBC-29 is also here.

Supervisors David Karaffa, Larry Wills, Marshall Pattie, and Carolyn Bragg are in attendance.

Dan  Moxley and Bill Shirley are outside in the hallway.

Delegate Steve Landes is here.

Dan Moxley just walked into the packed room.

7:00: The meeting has been called to order by Chairman Dan Moxley.

Motion to elect Supervisor Larry Wills for temp chair and second, and motion to close. Then someone made a motion for Bill Shirley. Clarification now. Voting on closing nomination.  Ayes have it; Larry Will is temporary chair. Now vote for secretary (Sharon Kern). Appointment of committees: Rules, Nominations, Chief Teller, Parliamentarian, Time Keeper, Credentials Committee. Committees adjourned to meet.

7:10: Reports from committees.

7:15: Candidate remarks will now take place. Candidate Tanya Gigliotti will speak first and Supervisor Carolyn Bragg will speak second.

7:18: Wendell Walker is now addressing the crowd. He is speaking about November’s election and encouraging folks to come out for U.S. Senate candidate Ed Gillespie and Rep. Bob Goodlatte. [applause]

7:20: Credentials Committee reports 91 participants in tonight’s meeting.

7:22: Tanya Gigliotti now up to speak. After her remarks, a gentleman (didn’t catch his name) also spoke on her behalf.

7:32: Former South River Supervisor John Swett is introducing Carolyn Bragg. Now Mrs. Bragg is at the podium.

7:42: Voting is about to begin.

7:43: Voting taking place.

7:50: Voting is complete and will be counted.

While votes are being taken, a little analysis. Carolyn Bragg is a small business owner in Stuarts Draft — she and her husband own the 7-Eleven. She had former South River Supervisor John Swett to speak on her behalf. He is also a small business owner in Stuarts Draft and probably pulled many of his former supporters out for Mrs. Bragg. Indeed, she has been so involved in that community that it appears she’s had many people turn out to support her.

Mrs. Gigliotti has been involved in the religious community and a local church. She has been part of the Big Give, a local charity organization.

8:02: Results are in. Wait — someone is protesting that Mrs. Gigliotti was informed there would not be a meeting tonight and then found out two hours ahead of time there would be. Deferred to Dan Moxley to answer later because he had already left.

Results: Mrs. Carolyn Bragg won as Republican nominee for the South River District.

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