No more home newspaper delivery

Waynesboro News-VirginianBy Lynn R. Mitchell

This morning we received  another indication that print media is fading. A notice was included with our Waynesboro News-Virginian and Richmond Times-Dispatch newspapers notified that home delivery was being discontinued to our area beginning Sunday and the remainder of our subscription will, instead, be mailed.

Since our mail is delivered in the afternoon, that eliminates reading the hard copy over breakfast on the deck.

Granted I read many news reports online but there has always been a certain comfort in that hard copy in my hands.

Yet another nail in the coffin of print media.

Our carrier had talked about his aging vehicle and that he would be unable to continue once it gave out because there was really no financial incentive to continue home delivery. Last week his truck was whining as he delivered the Sunday papers. Monday began substitute carriers.

Then today came the notification, dated August 12, 2014, read:

Dear News Virginian Customer:

We reluctantly must discontinue newspaper delivery in your area. The route serving your area is being dissolved. You and other affected News Virginian customers are being offered six months of mail delivery of the newspaper at the same price as our home delivery which is $69.16. We hope you will continue to subscribe to The News Virginian and Richmond Times-Dispatch. This has been a touch decision for us but the time and miles required for delivery make it no longer feasible to keep carriers on this route. The last day of carrier home delivery is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 17.

This will affect home delivery of The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Investor’s Business Daily, and USA Today. These other publications will likely also be contacting you concerning the mail delivery possibility.

If this modification is suitable for you there is no need to contact us to accept this change. We appreciate your loyalty over the past few years and would like nothing more than for you to continue receiving delivery through the mail. If you cod not wish to continue delivery through the USPS, we will of course refund any money on your account.

Please call our main line (number included) if you have any questions.


Paul Walsh

Circulation Director

The News Virginian

We have been grateful to have received news delivered to our door step all the years we’ve lived here. Many thanks to the News-Virginian.

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