Fawn triplets are still hanging around

??????????Around the 4th of July, I wrote about the fawn triplets who were hanging out in our yard (see here and here). At the time they were tiny little spotted things but when I saw them yesterday in the back yard, they have grown considerably. Mom was with them at first but she meandered into the woods leaving the kids to fend for themselves under the black walnut trees.

??????????Speaking of the black walnut trees, they are loaded with black walnuts. Signs of a severe winter?

??????????The sky was blue with white puffy clouds, a lively breeze, temps in the low 70s, and low humidity. It was a beautiful day in the Valley.

??????????Brown-eyed susans are blooming in the garden …

??????????… as are the sunflowers. It’s late summer and it’s still green in our part of the world. We didn’t have the hot, dry weather of many summers … rain has fallen regularly and temperatures have been comfortable. Signs of fall are beginning to show up … early leaves falling, dogwood trees turning red, the oak tree is loaded with acorns. I haven’t heard cicadas this year which is very unusual. The local kids begin public school August 18 but for the rest of us there will still be a couple more weeks of summer. Enjoy!

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
August 13, 2014

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