FitzSimmonds is no-show at SCC meeting … Moulton carries proxy

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Embattled treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia, Bob FitzSimmonds, was a no-show at today’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond. In his place was Russ Moulton carrying FitzSimmonds’ proxy. FitzSimmonds has been called upon to resign his position in GOP leadership after making the latest of a series of politically insensitive blunders on Facebook and though he professed to have “resigned” after coming under fire, today’s no-show and declaration to “resign” when a successor is found put it in question (see Brian Schoeneman’s FitzSimmonds’ “resignation” is a farce).

Moulton, who has spent the past several years crisscrossing the state taking over mass meetings from Southwest Virginia to NoVa to run them by putting in his people (“slating,” anyone?) is now sitting in the SCC meeting to further orchestrate his overseeing of the destruction of the Virginia Republican Party.

The games continue….

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