RPV: Will Mullins, SCC spark more fireworks at today’s meeting in Richmond?

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Some big names came out Friday asking RPV Chairman Pat Mullins and state central committee to set aside the bitter appeals battles that have raged for most of 2014 and, instead, concentrate on electing Republican candidates for the November elections (see Schoeneman is right: ‘SCC shouldn’t let misguided priorities cost us much needed wins).

Among them were three congressmen who stepped forward in unity and a show of leadership: Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th), Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th), and Rep. Scott Rigell (R-2nd) (see Congressmen Rigell, Hurt, Griffith ask SCC to defer appeals until after November elections). Where are the other congressmen to call for an end to this eternal squabbling that has consumed our party for the past five to six years?

State Senator Frank Wagner also showed leadership by adding his voice to those calling for a cease fire (see State Senator Frank Wagner calls on Mullins, SCC for postponement of appeals process).

Perhaps one of the most outspoken was a Republican activist from Roanoke, Matt Hall, who wrote an open letter to the State Central representatives in his 6th Congressional District including chairman Wendell Walker (see Matt Hall: An open letter to 6th District SCC members and Wendell Walker — ‘stop the madness’).

Brian Schoeneman at Bearing Drift said it best: “Welcome to the era of Virginia’s new political establishment – it’s not about electing Republicans, it’s about internal power struggles and glorified arguments over parliamentary procedure.”

Everyone is tired of the bickering and the constant name-calling on social media. But let’s just go right ahead with what we’re doing — it worked so well last November when Democrats took over the top three positions in the Commonwealth.

As Brian noted, yesterday, “State Central has a choice – they can be statesmen and women and do the right thing, or they can continue playing games and making 2014 stick out as one of the most farcical years in Virginia Republican political history.” I don’t think they are going to rise to the occasion but I hope to be proven wrong.

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