Updated: Augusta County GOP follow-up to rumor of coup attempt

ExplosionBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Coup, or no coup for the Augusta County Republican Committee (see Rumor has it coup to take place tonight at Augusta County GOP meeting)? As of 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, there had been a filibuster by chairman Dan Moxley that included hours of discussion about last week’s failed attempt to keep Supervisor Carolyn Bragg off the ballot for GOP nominee in the November election (see Mass meeting still on despite questionable actions by Augusta County GOP chair Moxley, former chair  Bill Shirley). No business was conducted. People were leaving in droves after three hours of what has been status quo for this committee.

News-Virginian political reporter Bob Stuart was in attendance (see Augusta County GOP faces inner turmoil).

From reports coming out of the meeting (I missed it because we were enroute from Richmond to Augusta County), here is a summary of what happened up until around 10:00 pm:

– The meeting opened with Moxley reading a list of which members were not eligible to vote at tonight’s meeting because they had missed three meetings. Some were questioning the validity since those members had paid their dues for the year. This trick has been a mainstay since Bill Shirley took over six years ago, something that was never done in the years 2000-2009. That took a good half hour of time.

– Next Moxley read an hour-long summation of the case against Mrs. Bragg, the case that failed last week when RPV ruled against Moxley and Shirley (see We’re live at the Augusta County mass meeting for South River supervisor candidate and Photos: Augusta County GOP’s Monday mass meeting). Apparently Moxley was going to try to move on with the meeting with only his accusations against Mrs. Bragg but there was dissent from the crowd — one person said he thought there was going to be a revolt — and another 30-45 minutes was spent correcting the falsehoods that had been made against her.

– Moxley then presented to the group Rick Boyer, an attorney who had come on Moxley’s behalf from Campbell County, who informed the committee how Moxley had done everything that he possibly could for Mrs. Bragg.

Rumors of an attempt to remove Moxley or call for a new mass meeting to elect a new chairman didn’t happen as of 10 pm although a good-sized crowd showed up. Included were local electeds Steve Landes, Jean Shrewsbury, Randy Fisher, Richard Homes, and several of the supervisors.

Some people attending the meeting were incredulous that nothing had changed in six years since they were illegally kicked off the committee with the group of 56 that Shirley removed, all without a whimper from electeds or other members of the committee (all Shirley supporters at the time).

To me it was particularly interesting to hear the words of a long-time friend whose husband first commented there is no party left to save, and she added that the Republican Party in Augusta County “was fun when Lynn was here. But not anymore. Clearly, I have missed nothing since being kicked out with the 56 members.”

Another interesting side note: A friend from Richmond who was in the Augusta County-Staunton area today stopped by the meeting tonight thinking I would be there. (I was instead in Richmond.) He said that when he arrived he was challenged “by a large woman” who asked why he was there and what business he had showing up since he wasn’t from this area. I told him, “Welcome to Augusta County!” LOL.

There were expressions of embarrassment that this is the Augusta County Republican Committee (it’s been this way for six years, folks). Two district chair positions are open, and there was no discussion about local GOP headquarters not to mention our Republican candidates.

Those 56 members illegally removed by Bill Shirley from the committee in 2009 were a huge asset to Republicans in this area. Too bad that it looks as if they will not be welcomed back any time soon.
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2 thoughts on “Updated: Augusta County GOP follow-up to rumor of coup attempt

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