Bob McDonnell, non-materialistic man of humility

Jerry BaldwinBy Jerry Baldwin

In an article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, former Governor Bob McDonnell’s sister Maureen described her brother as the least materialistic person she knew.  “His slippers had duct tape on them . . . he had holes in the bottom of his shoes.”

I can confirm this from personal experience. During his campaign for Governor in 2009, he made a stop by the Richmond City Jail and went to tier after tier talking about restoration of rights and rehabilitation. At the end of the tour we stopped in the Sheriff’s Office and I discreetly took these pictures of the soles of his shoes.

Bob McDonnell by Jerry Baldwin

I have always been impressed with his work ethic, but also his humility.

I still believe Governor McDonnell was one of the best Governors Virginia has ever seen, accomplishing far more than anyone thought possible. With regard to the trial, I don’t believe the prosecution has proven that he was involved in anything illegal. Who among us hasn’t been guilty of poor judgement in our personal lives — especially when it involves those we love most?

Bob McDonnell 11


Jerry Baldwin is a Major with the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office and former candidate for Sheriff (Chesterfield County). He serves on the Executive Committee for Chesterfield GOP and has been involved in Republican campaigns since he was in high school. Jerry also owns a consulting firm, New Market Strategies, specializing in law enforcement policy, politics, and public relations.

Photos by Jerry Baldwin

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One thought on “Bob McDonnell, non-materialistic man of humility

  1. Aaron says:

    Great post Jerry. I agree 110%

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