In the words of Fr. Wayne, the McDonnells’ priest

Bob McDonnell 1 halloween 2013

Governor McDonnell greeted trick-or-treaters in his office.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Bob and Maureen McDonnell are on trial. Most of the media have made it a point to present it in the worst light possible. The former governor and first lady have had their private lives splashed across headlines from coast to coast, and some have gloated at the sordid details emerging from the case.

One conservative noted on her Facebook page, “the latest chapter of the soap opera,” and then wrote about the McDonnells living apart. Newspapers have spent time parsing words and publishing opinions, mostly unflattering.

Others have felt a love in their hearts for the family as details have emerged, and have reached out to the Governor and his wife in these dark days. Some have cried, feeling the hurt that must be a daily burden for all the McDonnell family. Many have rallied with prayers and words of encouragement. The Governor has responded with gratitude.

I found the blog of the McDonnells’ priest very comforting amidst the myriad of negative press and tongue-wagging (see Fr. Wayne’s Blog: The three-word problem). He spoke of the three words in law that speak volumes — “the whole truth” — and noted the Governor’s testimony:

The media keeps talking about “throwing his wife under the bus.” Yesterday, I saw in stark reality how our legal system only gives us a binary choice. You can refuse to testify, which is your right. Or you can tell the whole truth. There is no third option.

Is there any married person reading this blog who would want to stand up in public and tell the whole truth? Is there any person at all who would want to stand up in public and tell the whole truth about their life?

… I would invite us all to return to the words of John’s gospel.

“Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.”

Thank you, Fr. Wayne, for the words of wisdom.  @BobMcDonnell  #standwithbob  #prayforvictory

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