First time I met the gracious, hard-working Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock 1By Lynn R. Mitchell

I remember very clearly the first time I met Barbara Comstock who is running as the Republican candidate for the 10th Congressional seat that is being vacated with the retirement of Congressman Frank Wolf.

It was 2009 and hundreds of Republicans from all over the Commonwealth were in Williamsburg for the GOP Advance. A number of us were at an event at the Williamsburg Inn and standing in line for the Friday night buffet. She was behind me and we began talking — exchange of names, where in Virginia we were from, that kind of thing.

The memory of that night is very clear for a couple of reasons. First and foremost was her friendliness and her smile. She was personable and very likeable and, overall, very professional in her dress and demeanor. At that time I believe she had just won her delegate seat, and I’ve followed her career since that night.

She’s now running for Congress and has been hit with some ugly accusations by her Democratic opponent John Foust who commented that he didn’t believe she had ever held a real job.

That is one chauvinistic statement.

Barbara Comstock is a lawyer, businesswoman, wife, mother, and public servant. What part of that does Mr. Foust believe is not holding a real job?

My mom was a businesswoman while I was growing up. She spent long, hard hours as a sales consultant for a Richmond moving company as she worked her way up the ladder of success in a man’s world. At the same time she was a wife and mother and, though she wasn’t a public servant, she took on other interests. In Mr. Foust’s book, does that mean my hardworking mom never held a real job either?

The choice of Barbara Comstock is clear for the 10th Congressional District in November.

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7 thoughts on “First time I met the gracious, hard-working Barbara Comstock

  1. Barbara Comstock says:

    Thank you Lynn!

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