Eric Cantor returns to Washington … and Wall Street

Eric Cantor 6By Lynn R. Mitchell

The libertarians-tea partiers of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia didn’t want Eric Cantor to represent them anymore. It looks as if they did him a favor because, as we all suspected, he landed on his feet.

At a reported $3.4 million pay package at his new job at Moelis & Co, according to the Wall Street Journal, he will make far more in private industry than in Congress which, by the way, was $193,400. (See details of his new salary at the Wall Street Journal’s Pay for Eric Cantor’s Wall Street Post: $3.4 Million.)

Moelis & Co is in New York but a Washington office will be opening.

Congratulations, Eric!


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2 thoughts on “Eric Cantor returns to Washington … and Wall Street

  1. Calvin Lucy says:

    I think what his opponents have done is to free Eric up from political restraints and now he can say what he REALLY thinks. The idea that they have ridded themselves of an opponent is pure fiction, as usual for DEMS. They ain’t seen nothin’ yet !!

    • Polly Campbell says:

      First, thank you Eric for your many years serving Virginia and your constituents, and I was privileged to be one when in the Seventh. I worked with both your Dad and you for many years and was aware of the ethics you exhibited. I knew you would continue to have a great future, even though in a different field. We both served our Republican Party to build and further our strong beliefs, and I know we will continue doing this. I know our friendship will continue even though our paths might not cross as often.

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