Winchester Star: Mark Warner a ‘reflexive liberal’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The Winchester Star wants to know whom is Mark Warner trying to kid by professing to be a “radical centrist” in their Thursday editorial (Ed Gillespie yard signsee Our View: A Reminder — There is a Senate race in Virginia):

Five years ago this week — Wednesday, to be exact — the newly minted Mr. Warner faced a rather contentious crowd of nearly 2,000 people at a “town hall” gathering in Fredericksburg. The issue du jour: health care.

It was on that Sept. 3 that Mr. Warner famously told his audience, “There is no plan being proposed that I will support that will force people out of their existing plan if they have it and they like their existing doctor.” Before the year was out, Mr. Warner voted for the Affordable Care Act which, as history has demonstrated, has done precisely that — force folks out of health-care plans they “liked” and away from doctors they trusted.

Interestingly enough, in that same “town hall” confab, Mr. Warner, after pledging to do right by Virginians in the way of health care, also said this: “Five years or so from now, they can fire me if I don’t get it done.”

Is it time to take the senior senator up on his offer? Not only has he cut against the grain of his own promise on health care, but has also proven to be little more than a reflexive liberal, voting by the White House script an astounding 97 percent of the time since taking his seat in 2009.

And yet Mr. Warner still calls himself a “radical centrist.” Come now, whom is he trying to kid?

Whom, indeed?

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