Tea party displays hypocrisy

Dennis NealBy Dennis Neal

There’s a trend I’m seeing that makes me angry. There are so many military personnel and government employees with the Virginia “Tea Party” vanity license plate. I’m sure there are other states with similar plates, but since I live and work in Norfolk, I’m inundated with the Virginia version.

This goes beyond freedom of expression and crosses into the realm of hypocrisy.

I want to stop all of them and ask them if they enjoy getting their government paycheck every two weeks; if they want to give up all their benefits, allowances, and special pay; if they intend to donate their 30 days of paid vacation per year; if they hate the idea of getting retirement after 20 years, or in many cases, since I know many of them are senior officers, 30 or more.

The prior service individuals who have retired after reaching O-6 or E-9 who are now serving as GS-15s or worse, civilian contractors, are special cases of their own.

These people must be very conflicted having to deal with those horrible exchanges and commissary privileges … especially when the individual is a high ranking officer or senior enlisted person with a special parking space, they must hate themselves and having to look at themselves in the mirror every day.

I guess they don’t care, being such revolutionary firebrands, making their brave and lonely stands at the top of the battlements, their trusty diesel-burning SUV steeds by their sides, no doubt purchased at military discount, their tanks filled with PX fuel….

Dennis Neal is a former Opinions Editor for The News Leader. He now resides in Norfolk where he continues to work in communications.

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3 thoughts on “Tea party displays hypocrisy

  1. Philip Lynch says:

    It is not hypocrisy to serve your country. It is not hypocrisy to follow the employment rules of our country. The author demeans the very people who fought to allow him to spew his blather. How many times was the author shot at in downtown Staunton? How often did the stress of his job cause his blood pressure to rise to stroke level? Did the author ever deny himself a dinner on his expense account? It is just another attempt by a “journalist” to split the Republicans, to cause dissent in the ranks, to divide and conquer. The rants of Democrat ally should left to the tabloids. He decries the use of a vehicle like many of the Luddites of left, but the NewsMisleader was not known for exposing the hypocrisy of Al Gore’s electric bills, or his 100ft. diesel yacht. Me.Neal could be asked if he volunteers to pay extra taxes to support the government he enjoys expanding? Did he ever take a vacation from his job? Did he ever change his place of employment? The true hypocrisy is demanding that people who serve our government be held to a higher standard that he holds himself.

  2. Philip Lynch says:

    Does he collect a pension? VA benefits? GI bill? OMGosh, the hypocrisy!! Lol. I just get annoyed because I have heard the same stuff over and over about collecting a pension at a younger age, and that I am wrong for supporting less government. That I am wrong to want to limit government expansion.
    What should people do that get jobs that have retirement benefits? Not take a pension that you earned? As I said, many of those pensions have been earned with blood, scars, and trauma. So close to 9/11, where over 400 cops, firefighters,soldiers, lost the chance to receive a pension, it is a little harsh of the author to deny retirees the right to self expression, to have ideas, beliefs. Deny them access to a career change.

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