George W and Clinton joke with each other at Monday announcement

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

There’s insight with this video snippet that suggests why the Clintons and Bush family have become closer over the years. Watching Bill and W yuck it up is not only entertaining but also shows that former adversaries can move beyond their differences. Bill reveals that W called him on a regular basis during his second term to talk, something that was unknown to the public before now.

The friendly banter between the two in the video also shows how to work together for a good cause. In this case it’s the Presidential Leadership Scholars program that is a joining-together of the presidential libraries of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon Johnson (see Laughs and Accolades as Clinton and Bush Introduce a Leadership Program by Amy Chozick at The New York Times).

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