Remembering 911: ‘Never Again’ begins with you

Patricia Kennedy BirdsallBy Patricia Kennedy Birdsall

When I think of 911, I have many memories … I can recall the shock, horror and sadness of the day — it is a permanent memory.

I also remember how our nation seemed united for several months after 911. All across the United States of America, churches, political parties, media, communities and neighbors came together, put aside any differences and were united in their sorrow, love and patriotism. We recognized evil as a nation and gained the power and resolve to fight it.

However, today, when I think of that event and am heartbroken once again for those who perished and their families, I feel even more sad because I think about how we have changed in our country since then; how quickly we have forgotten what we learned, and how we are divided now more than ever before…evil is entering our country … threats may be greater than ever before…we are weak instead of strong.

Today has also reminded me of history prior to 911, recalling something as terrible as the Holocaust. Especially pondering the fact that we are facing an alarming rise in Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism—even in the very lands where the Holocaust happened — as well as genocide and threats of genocide in other parts of the world, and it is very troubling to me. If we are not engaged in the battle against evil, we become like those in denial.

9-11 Never Again begins with you“Once you know, you can never forget.”

“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”

And the simple “Never again!” all quotes I will never forget from my visit to the Holocaust Museum, but all are applicable today.
Let’s say NEVER AGAIN in our nation. Let us all do our part to elect leaders that truly understand evil in the world and will keep our nation SAFE. I will continue to pray for those who suffered on 911, and for our still wonderful nation. I also hope and pray that we, as individuals, recognize evil in it’s many forms, and not ignore, deny or welcome it.

Patricia Kennedy Birdsall and her husband live in Texas with four children and four grandchildren.  Active in the Republican Party; was a Texans for Romney grassroots coordinator in 2012 , has been an officer on the Denton County Republican Executive Committee, and serves on many other GOP boards and committees.

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