Pick-your-own grapes at Blue River Farm vineyard in Madison County, Va.

By Lynn R. Mitchell

??????????My sister Lori never met a pick-your-own fruit or vegetable she didn’t want to gather, and our adventure to Madison County earlier this week was no exception. As we were driving a back road along the eastern base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, she spotted a sign for Blue River Farm and pick-your-own grapes and immediately wanted to stop.


??????????We slowly turned into the entrance and stopped. Seriously? Was this the way to “pick-your-own” grapes?

??????????There were dark clouds hanging over the Blue Ridge and a little rain has fallen but not enough to dampen our day.

<??????????The driveway led past this beautiful mountain home inside the entrance.

??????????We followed the tracks through the field …

??????????… to a white awning set up across the field beside the rows of grape vines. The only people there were the owners and some friends who were sorting grapes.

??????????We greeted each other and they handed us picking bags for the grapes and a pair of scissors, and off we went to the rows of what looked to be Concord grapes. Seedless, of course, but they had seeded if anyone was interested. All the while, we couldn’t help but notice that we were surrounded by mountains.

??????????Alone in the rows, just the two of us, we giggled and laughed as we took pictures and picked grapes.

??????????Lori was on the other side of the row peeking through at me. I wondered what the folks under the awning thought because surely they heard our giggling. Ahh … sisters.


 I couldn’t find a website for Blue River Farm.

??????????Here’s a guide to other pick-your-own produce and fruits in central Virginia:  http://www.pickyourown.org/VAalbe.htm

??????????Somewhere in the fog was Old Rag in Shenandoah National Park. The views made stopping to pick our own grapes worth it all. They charged $2 a pound and then gave us more grapes after we paid. The grapes were fresh, sweet, and juicy, and we had fun surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Virginia countryside. The vineyard was located near Rose River Farm on the road to Graves Mountain Lodge.

See also Rose River Farm and Cabins in Madison, Va.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
September 8, 2014

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