Staunton needs a restaurant with a mountain view

9By Lynn R. Mitchell

How can it be that a city like Staunton surrounded by the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains doesn’t have a restaurant that looks out over those million-dollar views? I have asked that question since moving here in 1996.

In North Carolina we lived about 45 minutes from Blowing Rock, a small resort town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains beside the Blue Ridge Mountains. It, along with other towns in the North Carolina High Country, were on top of the mountains and views were spectacular.

Afton Mountain used to have a restaurant at the Holiday Inn with huge windows that overlooked the Rockfish Valley. Years ago the franchise was lost and it turned into the Inn at Afton that is now run down along with everything else on the mountain. What a perfect location for a restaurant with a view since much of the other mountaintop land is federally owned.

Since nothing has been done in years about Afton’s decline — and there are no signs of it changing anytime soon — that brings us back to Staunton. Some of the most scenic building sites are occupied by retail stores and banks.

It makes absolutely no sense. A restaurant similar to Depot Grille or the former Pullman would be nice.  Even the Cracker Barrel could have located some place where its rocking chair porch would provide a soothing place to rock and look out over the mountains.

In Waynesboro, McAlister’s Deli has outdoor tables but most of the view of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains is blocked by the building and the dumpster corral. Chick-fil-A in Waynesboro has outdoor tables that take in some of the mountain view although the kitchen is located on the view side of the building.

Why isn’t there a nice restaurant with windows that overlook the magnificent mountain views that we are so privileged to enjoy in this part of Virginia?  Are there any out there….?

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One thought on “Staunton needs a restaurant with a mountain view

  1. Gary Cline says:

    Lynn, I’ve always thought a Restaurant atop the grain silos at the old White Star Mills ( Mill Street Grill) would be a great idea. It would be even better if it revolved. I’m sure it would cost many $$$$$$ to accomplish. It would even utilize an historical landmark! The view from that level on Sears Hill is great. Now the investors can chime from here.

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