Ed Gillespie’s promise: ‘Ease the squeeze’

Ed GillespieBy Lynn R. Mitchell

Ed Gillespie’s performance in Tuesday night’s debate had Senator Mark Warner on the defense. Today Ed emphasized his promise to the citizens of Virginia:

Last night, at the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce debate, I repeated a promise I’ve made to voters all across the Commonwealth:

“I will have a simple test for every vote I cast as Senator. Will this bill ease the squeeze on hardworking Virginians? If it doesn’t, I won’t vote for it.

debate highlight video

This is an important election full of clear choices.

Do we want more debt, more taxes, and more wasteful spending? Or do we want balanced budgets, economic growth, and more accountability in government?

Do we want an America that continues to shy away from international leadership, porous borders that threaten our security and health, and a weaker military? Or do we want greater security at home and abroad?

Do we want government-run health care? Or do we want to see the doctors we choose and make our own decisions about our health?

This November, voters have a clear choice and they saw it last night in the debate, which you can watch in its entirety here.

Ed Gillespie


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