The happiest of days

[Earlier this week Mike Thomas celebrated his grandson’s eighth birthday with a Facebook post that was, quite simply, a love letter from grandfather to grandson. If having grandchildren is even half as much fun as the relationship he has with Aiden, bring it on! Mike graciously agreed to share his post that began, “The happiest of days …” Thanks, Mike.]

Mike Thomas 4 with AidenBy Michael Thomas

Eight years ago today, God blessed us with the birth of our first grandchild, Aiden.

Energetic, curious and focused – all at the same time – Aiden has a heart that is much, much bigger than most kids his age (certainly bigger than mine). He is a protective big brother, a loving, cuddly son (with exceptions, of course) and an encouraging, fun loving grandson.

Mike Thomas 3 with AidenAiden is the best excuse a “Boompa” could ever want to buy freezie pops, frozen fruit, popcorn or ice cream. Or to make tomato biscuits and hotdogs. Or simply munch on celery stalks, baby carrots and pickles (dill, not sweet).

Aiden has a great sense of humor and quick wit, but is also a fierce competitor, especially when it comes to video games. And he can make a routine trip to the carwash feel like the most exciting adventure ever.

It is difficult to count all of the ways in which this young man has made my life a better and happier one, as well as made me stretch to acquire skills I never thought possible.

Mike Thomas 2 with AidenHappy Birthday, Buddy! I love you! I am thankful every day that God made you part of our family.

Mike Thomas earned his degree in political science from the University of Richmond. Since 1996, he has served as First Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Mike has more than 30 years of experience helping to organize and manage grassroots operations for dozens of local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates. From 1994-98, he served as the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Administration for Governor George Allen, and worked as State Director and Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator George Allen. Mike has been a senior vice president at McGuire Woods since 2007. He and his wife live in Richmond.

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  1. […] It does not get said enough: We thank Mike for his years of service, his dedication to the grassroots, his willingness to stick his neck out for a friend, and that smile. Even after the longest day, Mike’s face lights up with a smile when he sees friends and family and especially grandson Aiden, the subject of his recent post (see The happiest of days). […]

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