Preview: Ed Gillespie’s new TV ad … ‘Changed’

By Lynn R. Mitchell

The newest ad from the Gillespie campaign is out and will begin airing Saturday: “Senator Mark Warner’s actions in relation to a matter under FBI investigation, and he refuses to answer questions about his role in the scandal. In what has been described as ‘raw, ugly politics,’ Senator Warner ‘dangled a lifetime appointment to the federal bench’ in an effort to help Governor Terry McAuliffe expand Obamacare in Virginia.” From the Gillespie campaign:

The Ed Gillespie for Senate Campaign today released a new TV ad that will begin running statewide tomorrow. The ad features news reports over the last week of Senator Warner’s involvement in, as the Richmond Times-Dispatch described it, “dangling the possibility of assistance in finding employment in the federal judiciary or private sector,” for a State Senator’s daughter as part of a greater attempt to expand Obamacare in Virginia.

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One thought on “Preview: Ed Gillespie’s new TV ad … ‘Changed’

  1. […] UPDATE: The new ad was out by mid-day Friday and will hit the airwaves Saturday (see Presview: Ed Gillespie’s new TV ad … “Changed”). […]

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