Jeb still leads

Jeb BushBy Lynn R. Mitchell

In a Republican field without Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush still leads (see Where the 2016 contenders line up — for now by Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post). Quoting the latest Washington Post-ABC poll, she writes:

First, despite the protestations of vocal right-wing conservative media, former Florida governor Jeb Bush leads the pack at 15 percent, three points ahead of the next challengers, if Mitt Romney doesn’t run. His lead is bigger (17 percent, 6 points ahead of the next candidate) among just Republicans (as opposed to GOP-leaners), the group more representative of the primary electorate. Even among very conservative voters Bush leads, although by only 2 points. Right now potential GOP primary voters don’t think he is too “squishy.”

The most important factor remains Jeb Bush, who seems more likely than not to run. (Ana Navarro, who knows the Bush family well, observed on Sunday: “This notion that Columba Bush, who has been married with Jeb for over 40 years, was against him running has always been based on unattributable quotes and off the record conversations by people close to Jeb. I can tell you Columba Bush supported Jeb in three previous runs. They have a very strong marriage. To me it’s no surprise that Columba would support whatever Jeb decides.”)

Watch for more moves to be made by presidential hopefuls after the November 2014 elections.

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