Washington Post: Three Pinocchios to Mark Warner campaign for deceiving ad

By Lynn R. Mitchell

Three Pinocchios from the Washington Post for the latest Mark Warner campaign ad for its “slimy sleight of hand” playing loose with the facts. Ouch.

But even when faced with the facts, Mark Warner’s campaign stands by their deceiving television ad against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie and thumbs its nose at the Washington Post’s Fact Checker.

Over the past several months, Gillespie has successfully chiseled away at Warner’s Teflon veneer, exposing Warner’s 97 percent voting record with President Barack Obama and the fact that he is not the “moderate” he has claimed to be during his years in government. Gillespie exposed that, even after Warner promised Virginians that he would not vote for a health care system that would take away their current health care plans, he did so anyway. In a one-vote swing of the senate, if Warner had voted “no,” it could have been the end of Obamacare.

While many like Warner for his friendly demeanor, even that has cracked under pressure during this campaign.  At the last debate between the two candidates, Warner was almost snarly and has since ducked from reporters seeking answers to his involvement in Puckettgate (see Sabato: ‘This is not a good development for Mark Warner’).


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