Ed Gillespie endorsed by Richmond Times-Dispatch

Ed Gillespie

Ed Gillespie (Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell)

By Lynn R. Mitchell

In a show of support for Ed Gillespie‘s vision for Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsed the Republican for U.S. Senate (see Gillespie for Senate).

Noting the many reasons, they wrote:

We endorse Gillespie because his philosophy embraces free markets and free people, the ultimate American solutions, and because we are confident he will serve as an able and honest senator.

It’s time to thank Mark Warner for his efforts and send him back to the private sector, where he will no doubt flourish. Virginia needs a senator who does more than propose. We need one who will help formulate, stimulate and legislate effective solutions. That’s Ed Gillespie.

That’s the latest in statewide endorsements in favor of Mr. Gillespie as energized Republicans close ranks behind the man who could help break the gridlock currently taking place under Harry Reid’s watch in the U.S. Senate.

An upset will take place only if supporters get to the polls and vote on November 4.

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One thought on “Ed Gillespie endorsed by Richmond Times-Dispatch

  1. […] Many newspapers endorsed Gillespie including the Richmond Times-Dispatch (see Ed Gillespie endorsed by Richmond Times-Dispatch). […]

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