endorses Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate Editorial enthusiastically endorses Republican candidate Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate 2014. His vision for the Commonwealth has re-energized Virginia’s citizens who have felt unrepresented by incumbent Mark Warner and, in the gridlock that is Washington politics, Mr. Gillespie brings fresh ideas with his proposed EG2 economic plan for Virginia. He is positive and optimistic, and has carried that upbeat attitude on the campaign trail with his belief that “the old normal is the new mediocre. We can do better.”

Ed Gillespie doesn’t just talk the talk. He has spent more than 30 years in Republican politics with skin in the game, “paying his dues,” so to speak. With a work ethic and goal-oriented passion passed on by his Irish immigrant parents, he watched first-hand what hard work could do toward building the American dream. They are lessons he still practices.

Senator Warner touted himself as a bipartisan voice — and perhaps he was before going to Washington — but he has been a disappointment in D.C. and his votes have proven he has a liberal view of what America should be. His record of voting almost 100 percent with President Barack Obama is not that of one who purports to represent all Virginians. Perhaps nothing is more telling than his infamous broken promise to us all that he would not vote for Obamacare if it meant that we were not allowed to keep our health care plans. That choice was taken away when Mark Warner rubber-stamped the president’s agenda, again. When confronted during the last debate with questions about his role in Puckettgate, he bristled with a canned response, and since then has ducked from answering questions. It’s time for a change.

Ed Gillespie’s campaign has been energetic as he crisscrosses the Commonwealth sharing realistic solutions to issues such as economic recovery to help citizens while researching new ways to bring in revenue for the state, all while exercising a need to be a good steward of taxpayer monies. His success in the private sector is experience that will be helpful while he serves the public.

Mr. Gillespie’s five-part EG2 economic plan reflects his time as a businessman and a private citizen listening to the needs of the community around him. It includes: 1) embracing energy including off-shore drilling on the East Coast; 2) allowing parent the freedom of school choice whether that is public schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools, magnet schools, or home schooling; 3) simplifying the tax code, lowering the marginal business tax rate so American companies will be more competitive, and repealing excessive federal regulations; 4) a health care plan to replace Obamacare; 5) reining in federal spending and balancing the budget.

When I met with Ed in December 2013 as he was exploring a run for Senate and support from grassroots leaders, we were both attending the Republican Advance at the Homestead. Finding a niche in one of the many hidden corners, we sat away from the crowds and discussed the 2014 Senate race. I was already a fan. He had been my “boss,” so to speak, while he was chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and I was on State Central Committee. He had worked with Karl Rove, someone I admire for his political instinct, experience, and work with President George W. Bush. When Ed left RPV, it was to answer the call from President Bush, becoming his adviser in the White House.

Sitting at the Homestead that cold December day almost a year ago and sensing Ed had other contacts at the Advance that may need more convincing, I looked at him, smiled, and said, “You had me at hello,” in reference to the famous line from the Tom Cruise movie Jerry McGuire. “Whatever I can do to help, you’ve got it.” managing editor Kurt Michael and writers Daniel Cortez and David Karaffa join me in our endorsement of Republican Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate on November 4. It is our belief that he will best represent Virginians in Washington.  –Lynn R. Mitchell, Executive Editor



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    i have a signed art picture of “autumn in Highland county” signed by w. s. perliman Jr. Would you know anything about it or the artist?

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